5 Unique Home Designs to Inspire You

The first stage in building your own home is choosing the right design for your needs. This may sound simple but with the staggering amount of different designs to choose from it can become a complicated process! Are you and your family going to be more comfortable in a single storey house or a split-level home? How many bedrooms and bathrooms will you need? Do you need additional space to grow or could you be happy with a more compact home?

These days there are many options for home builders to consider. The end result is limited only by your budget and your imagination! Given the sheer amount of possible floor plans and house designs, it can be best to start off by simply deciding on the type of home you wish to build. Today we have collated 5 of the most popular modern home designs. We hope that you’ll be inspired by our choices and find the right home for you and your family!


Duplex Homes

If you are searching for a real ‘two-for-one’ deal, then a duplex home might be just the thing! A duplex home is a standard residential house that contains two dwellings separated by a shared wall. Duplex homes are fantastic for families that wish to have grandparents or other relatives close by and are also perfect for investors looking to build rental properties.



Although once derided for being cramped and badly built, townhouses have made a real comeback in the past few years. Townhouses are a great way to build a functional and comfortable home on a small block. This makes them ideal for city dwellers and an attractive alternative to apartment living.


Split Level Homes

If your family is planning on expanding or you need extra space for a home office, rumpus room or a guest bedroom, then a split-level home could be the right choice. Usually, a split-level home will have two to three different living spaces of differing sizes. These homes are perfect for large families!


Luxury Homes

For a home design that is truly spectacular, there is no better choice than a luxury home. These prestige houses are wonderful examples of cutting edge contemporary architecture. Featuring additional touches such as skylights, premium architectural features and innovative room design, luxury homes are the last word in comfort, style and status.


Custom Homes

There is a huge difference between building from a pre-designed floor plan and creating your own unique custom made home. A custom built home will generally be specifically designed by an architect to meet your exact specifications and desires. If you dream of a space that is truly your very own, then a custom built home is the perfect solution.


No matter what your needs are, DB Homes can help you create a functional, comfortable, stylish and beautiful home. Please contact our friendly team to discuss how we can help you make your dream home a reality or call us on 1300 050 677.

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