At DB Homes, our granny flat builders have created a range of affordable, elegant and comfortable living spaces for people who are just like you.

Coming in a range of colours, designs and features, our granny flats are completely customisable and can be constructed with your preferences and requirements in mind. For example, you might require an extra room, or a separate area for a pool table – this isn’t a problem at all – just let the designers know in the initial stage and we will add it in.

We understand that these flats are both homes and investments, and that you want to get the process right. That’s why we keep our processes simple and underscore our construction with constant communication. This ensures that the finished product is exactly to your design, just like the granny flats in our gallery below.

Granny Flat Design Types

Our granny flat design types are as unique and beautiful as the precious jewels they are named for. Each of them represents an investment and modern living and forms the inspiration for your fully customisable design.

Explore our site to see the floor plans for these designs, our view our gallery now and see how design is transformed into innovative granny flats for our clients.


All of our designs can be fully customised to suit you and your own style – at no additional cost

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