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  • Amber
    The Amber, a 2-bedroom granny flat featuring two generous bedrooms with separate bathroom and separate laundry...
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  • Aqua
    The Aqua is a large 2-bedroom granny flat with private entry doors to bedrooms...
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  • Crystal
    With its spacious bedrooms and living area The Crystal is one of our popular 2-bedrooms units, boasting plenty of room...
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  • Diamond
    The Diamond is a 2-bedroom granny flat with great master bedroom
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  • Emerald
    The Emerald is a cosy 3-bedroom granny flat with combined bathroom and laundry...
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  • Garnet
    The Garnet is a spacious 2-bedroom granny flat with separate bathroom & laundry...
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  • Opal
    The Opal, a 2-bedroom granny flat maximizes space to suit any custom design.
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  • Pearl
    The Pearl, a 2-bedroom granny flat featuring generous bedrooms.
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  • Ruby
    The Ruby is a relatively large 2-bedroom granny flat. Boasts master bedroom with a...
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  • Sapphire
    This design is for the space conscious people with flowing design...
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  • Topaz
    The Topaz is a practical 2-bedroom granny flat featuring a balanced living, kitchen and bedroom areas...
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