The Crystal – Granny Flat Plans to Inspire

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All of our granny flat plans are designed to inspire you and help you to build your own. In that role, few designs shine brighter than the Crystal. This floor plan helps you to create luxury both indoors and out. It’s large enough for comfortable living but still the ideal size for your own backyard.

Crystal Features

Accompanying its two impressive bedrooms, the popular Crystal design features is a living and dining area, a kitchen and a combined bathroom-laundry. All of these rooms are centrally located for your convenience.

As an optional extra you can also add a verandah and take your luxurious space outdoors. Enjoy a verandah at the front and still have room for a garden out the back.

Spotlight Feature – Two Beautiful Bedrooms

The two bedrooms are undoubtedly the centrepiece of this modern design. Both rooms are large and are on either side of the central living area. Both also feature their own built in robe for excellent storage space.

Let us build the Crystal for you, or use these bedrooms and other features in your custom-built design.

Living & Dining Area 18.0 m²
Bedroom 1 15.0 m²
Bedroom 2 16.0 m²
Kitchen 5.0 m²
Bathroom & Laundry 6.0 m²
Verandah 26.0 m²
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All of our designs can be fully customised to suit you and your own style – at no additional cost

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