The Opal – Designed for Custom Granny Flats

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Australia is famous for producing 95 percent of the world’s finest opals and this helped to inspire perfection in our granny flat design. The Opal is spacious yet private, a getaway and an investment. Best of all, its fully customisable to your needs. 

Opal Features 

Our Opal design has been built with flexibility in mind, and the way it maximises space can be applied to your custom granny flats. It is undoubtedly known for the open plan inspiration that resulted in a spacious kitchen and living room, but there’s even more to it than that.

The bedrooms in the Opal are cleverly positioned adjacent to the living area, creating a private space without sacrificing the open vibe. This design is also set apart by a large laundry and a separate bathroom, making it ideal for investors. 

Spotlight Feature – Open Plan Living 

We’ve already mentioned it, but the open and relaxed lifestyle of the combined kitchen and living area certainly draws the eye. It’s large enough to separate the two areas yet it remains open, creating a natural flow throughout the home.

Living & Dining Area 21.0 m²
Bedroom 1 12.5 m²
Bedroom 2 12.5 m²
Kitchen 8.0 m²
Bathroom & Laundry 6.0 m²
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All of our designs can be fully customised to suit you and your own style – at no additional cost

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