The Ruby – Experience Modern Granny Flats

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Like the precious jewel its named for, the Ruby truly a triumph in quality, luxury and design. This granny flat has been designed using the latest trends and flows seamlessly from indoor to outdoor space. Let us build the Ruby for you or customise this design to your needs. 

Ruby Features 

The Ruby is a one-bedroom granny flat that provides spaces that can truly be enjoyed. It features a personal ensuite, a study area and a combined bedroom and bathroom. The kitchen and dining areas open up to the rest of the house, leading to a large verandah at the rear and a porch to the façade.

The Ruby mixes practicality with luxury, and the unique design is now permissible under ‘Affordable Rental Housing “SEPP” Legislation. 

Spotlight Feature – Open Plan Design 

It is the cutting-edge open plan design of this plan that truly brings it to the next level. Indoor and outdoor spaces flow seamlessly, letting you take full advantage of a spacious living area, porch and verandah. You will never feel cramped and you will always feel at home in the Ruby.

Living & Dining Area 20.0 m²
Bedroom 1 12.0 m²
Study Room 9.0 m²
Kitchen 8.0 m²
Bathroom & Laundry 6.0 m²
Ensuite 5.0 m²
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All of our designs can be fully customised to suit you and your own style – at no additional cost

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