The Topaz – Practicality from the Granny Flat Specialists

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The perfect granny flat plans are all about practicality. After all, these home extensions are used as accommodation, investment, entertainment and much more. That’s why we have created The Topaz design, a balanced flat that’s ready for anything.

Use this plan and build your own, or let it inspire your custom granny flat for no extra charge. 

Topaz Features 

Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophy of harmony and balance, and in many ways that is what this design provides.

This all-rounder design has a balanced living area, a kitchen and two bathrooms. This ensures that no space takes away from another, and it even features a porch for enjoying the outdoors. 

Spotlight Feature – Bathroom Laundry Combination

 Uniting those features of practicality and balance is a large bathroom-laundry combination. They may not be the most attractive features of a home on first glance, but you’ll be glad that you have this space for all your cleaning needs.

Our granny flat specialists are on hand to answer any questions about this floor plan, or to help you use its features to create your own.

Lounge 20.0 m²
Bedroom 1 10.0 m²
Bedroom 2 12.0 m²
Kitchen 9.0 m²
Hall 3.0 m²
Bathroom & Laundry 6.0 m²
Porch 2.0 m²
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All of our designs can be fully customised to suit you and your own style – at no additional cost

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