So the time has come and you have made the decision to build a granny flat – but what about the government approval process?

When you’re a homeowner, this is considered an ‘application for a second dwelling’. You can apply for a secondary dwelling in two ways. Firstly, you can apply to an accredited certifier if it meets the development standards in your state’s policy. Or secondly, you can submit a development application or proposal to your local council.

In the case where your application doesn’t meet development standards, it is necessary to submit a development application, as instructed within the AHSEPP.

But the good news is that granny flats are allowed in most available residential areas. These include:

  • Zone R1 General Residential
  • Zone R2 Low Density Residential
  • Zone R3 Medium Density Residential
  • Zone R4 High Density Residential
  • Zone R5 Large Lot Residential (via development application only)
  • Equivalent zones for the local Council area (guide to equivalent zones)


A Simple, 3-Step Process

There are three primary stages in the process of building your flat.

  1. The first stage is surveying. This is where your site or land needs to be surveyed in order to check that it complies with the building code of Australia and all of the standards involved. Fortunately, this is one of the areas we can help you with – and is an integral part of our service.
  2. Next, you need to seek government or council approval. Either a public certifier or the council will approve your granny flat plans, and fortunately it doesn’t take as long as you might expect.
  3. Then it’s time to get construction under way – by building it. This step involves taking the plans and designs and commencing construction. We help with each of these phases and you don’t need to lift a finger.

But more importantly, we ensure the area is clean and tidy, and take special care to not disrupt your neighbours when working on the granny flat build.


Find Out More

At DB Homes, we take pride in our work and partnering with you to achieve your goal of building a granny flat. If you want to find out more about how long it will take to build your granny flat, we recommend giving us a call or emailing us directly.